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The folks went on a trip to Alaska in the summer of 2001.  They did a driving tour and visited Anchorage, Fairbanks, Seward and other cities as well as Denali. They loved it. Dad loved it enough to talk Chris and I into going on a trip in 2002. Dad wanted to see more bears up close and personal and tracked down a camp in the Katmai National Park called Hallo Bay Wilderness.

Quickly, (in order to plug the right people) we flew into Anchorage and stayed one night at Deal's Bed & Breakfast. The next day we started the drive to Homer in our crashed-into-by-a-snowplow rent-a-dent Ford Contour (junk). The drive was very cool along Turnagain arm and on down to Homer and the Vista View B&B. The third day in Alaska, we tripped over to HalloBay with Homer Air, landed on the beach at a somewhat low tide (the tides vary a *ton* in Alaska). After four nights at bear camp, we shot back to Homer and drove up and over the Kenai Penensula to Seward. There we checked out the Exit Glacier, hiked to the Harding Ice Field and goofed off. After three nights, back to Anchorage for a couple more nights, working in a little fly fishing north of Anchorage and south of Takeetna. Then back home.

No, the 24hr light wasn't too crazy (take a watch). Yes, the bears were very cool and we weren't scared. We caught some small ones and i want to move.

See the contents at Left for the rundown

- Joe


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